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RUFEL F. RAMOS is an English professor at Eastfield College, a community college in Mesquite, Texas, just east of Dallas. She is also a survivor of a rigorous liberal arts education, a single mother, an aunt, a big sister, the oldest child, an adopted kid, an Asian-American, a US Navy brat, a bemused Catholic, a sci-fi/fantasy geek, a once-and-future globe trotter, and a writer. She often writes on any and all of those roles on her blog, and her website,

Starters: A Beginner’s Guide to Creative Writing

Creative writing for the beginning writer can be maddening business. Between writer’s block, procrastination, and frustration that what’s in your head isn’t making it on the page, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and just give up. Therefore, STARTERS: A BEGINNER’S … Continue reading

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Scaffolds: A Childhood Memoir of Books

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As a GenXer in the 1980s, I grew up as a latch-key kid. TV, movies, and video games vied for my siblings and my attention as we ate junk food. Yet, I became a reader at an early age, majored … Continue reading

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Structures: The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to College Essays

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I’m on sabbatical from my teaching duties in order to write a book. I intended to write just one book. I ended up writing two. This is one of them. STRUCTURES: THE RELUCTANT WRITER’S GUIDE TO COLLEGE ESSAYS is a … Continue reading

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“My Kind of Comedy”: An Exegetical Reading of Flannery O’Connor as Medieval Drama

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Once upon a time, after I earned my PhD in May 2006, I pursued getting my dissertation published with an academic press. I actually got a serious bite from a university press (one amongst dozens to whom I sent out … Continue reading

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Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones: A Novel

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Zoey Fitzpatrick has lived a life of quiet loneliness, until she discovers that her brother Jamie is still alive — and possessed with not one but two fallen angels. Fallen angel Ariel has lived an eons-long life of benign serial … Continue reading

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