“My Kind of Comedy”: An Exegetical Reading of Flannery O’Connor as Medieval Drama

MKoCLuluCover (2)Once upon a time, after I earned my PhD in May 2006, I pursued getting my dissertation published with an academic press. I actually got a serious bite from a university press (one amongst dozens to whom I sent out the book proposal).

But after nearly two years of non-followup-communication from that publisher (and after two years into a permanent full-time faculty position at a community college), the pressure to get my dissertation published was no longer there. Thus, my manuscript just sat there — mothballed.

However, I would find myself referring to my dissertation to my composition students. Surprisingly, it was not as an example of Flannery O’Connor scholarship (although I was and still am proud of what I accomplished), but as an example what a successful result of the writing and research process CAN BE — if they only trusted in the process.

Also, as time passed, the era of free and user-friendly self-publication arrived, so I thought, “Why not?”

So, world, here it is — “My Kind of Comedy”: An Exegetical Reading of Flannery O’Connor.


In this academic study, “MY KIND OF COMEDY: AN EXEGETICAL READING OF FLANNERY O’CONNOR AS MEDIEVAL DRAMA” deciphers Flannery O’Connor’s fiction through the lens of medieval biblical exegesis and the English dramatists of the medieval miracle, mystery, and morality plays.

“MY KIND OF COMEDY” peels away the grotesque dark comedy and tragedy in O’Connor’s mid-twentieth century novels and short stories and reveals underneath a master of a unique Christian comedic tradition that goes back over 500 years.

Abbreviations for O’Connor Texts
1    Introduction: Previous Critical Sources and the Argument at Hand
2   Four-Fold Sense of Medieval Exegesis: Scripture, Non- Scripture, and O’Connor
3   Medieval Drama: Origins, Genres, Examples, and O’Connor’s Fiction
4   The Geranium: Failed Lessons in the Tropological, or Moral, Sense
5   The Modern Miracles: Wise Blood and The Violent Bear It Away
6   The Modern Moralities: A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Everything That Rises Must Converge
7    Conclusion: Last Stories, Last Words
Works Cited

Publication Date:
 August 8, 2013
ISBN/EAN13: 978-1492102670
Page Count:238
Binding Type:US Trade Paper
Trim Size:5.5″ x 8.5″
Color:Black and White
Related Categories: Nonfiction/ Literary Criticism / American
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About Rufel Ramos

RUFEL F. RAMOS is an English professor at Dallas College (a multi-campus community college in Dallas County, Texas) and a published author. She is also a survivor of a rigorous liberal arts education, a single mother, an aunt, a big sister, the oldest child, an adopted kid, an Asian-American, a US Navy brat, a bemused Catholic, a sci-fi/fantasy geek, a mediocre Maker of stuff, and a once-and-future globe trotter. She often writes on any and all of those roles on her blog, thelizardqueen.wordpress.com and her website, rowenasworld.org.
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