Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones: A Novel

Zoey Fitzpatrick has lived a life of quiet loneliness, until she discovers that her brother Jamie is still alive — and possessed with not one but two fallen angels.

Fallen angel Ariel has lived an eons-long life of benign serial possession, easily hopscotching from one crazed, homeless human host to the next, until he discovers to his shock that he cannot escape his latest human host – Zoey’s brother Jamie.

Only by working with Ariel can Zoey save Jamie. But in working together, both Zoey and Ariel begin an inter-generational chain reaction that will unite the living with the dead, the fallen with the unfallen, and the ordinary with the miraculous.

In a journey towards an impossible role — to become a Beatrice, an unwitting guide for wayward souls and co-partners with embattled angels against the forces of Lucifer’s army – Zoey must battle death itself.

An urban literary fantasy, with homage to Dante, Shakespeare, and Milton, YE WATCHERS AND YE HOLY ONES is not your ordinary paranormal romance.

1     To These Dark Steps
2    The Mind Is Its Own Place
3    Floating Redundant
4    All Ye Who Enter Here
5    Darkness Visible
6    The World Was All Before Them
7    The Waters under Heaven
8    The Bow in the Clouds
9    The Surface of the Earth
10  Man in Our Own Image
11  In the Beginning
12  Stand and Wait
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Publication Date: Jul 13 2012
ISBN/EAN13:1478205741 / 9781478205746
Page Count:234
Trim Size:5.5″ x 8.5″
Related Categories:Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal
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About Rufel Ramos

RUFEL F. RAMOS is an English professor at Dallas College (a multi-campus community college in Dallas County, Texas) and a published author. She is also a survivor of a rigorous liberal arts education, a single mother, an aunt, a big sister, the oldest child, an adopted kid, an Asian-American, a US Navy brat, a bemused Catholic, a sci-fi/fantasy geek, a mediocre Maker of stuff, and a once-and-future globe trotter. She often writes on any and all of those roles on her blog, and her website,
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